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The Penn HOSA Foundation Scholarship Fund raises funds for scholarships, supervise the growth, investment and disbursement of those funds and selects outstanding students to receive scholarships.


Scholarship recipients are eligible to have their awards matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis by AES/PHEAA’s PATH (“Partnerships for Access to Higher Education”) Program. PHEAA may grant matching funds to scholarship recipients who are enrolled in an approved Pennsylvania college or career school, who are a state grant recipient, and who demonstrate financial need. The match provides last-dollar support for tuition and fees. The scholarship recipient’s information is submitted to PHEAA by The Foundation for Enhancing Communities staff. No additional work will be asked of the scholarship recipient


  1. Must be affiliated with a PennHOSA chapter by October of senior year.

  2. Demonstrates financial need.

  3. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION will be announced January 2, 2022.


How to Apply


The application process is online and will be active January 2, 2022.

See you then! 

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